Foods to Try to Get You through the Day!

It is already 2 in the afternoon and your brain and body is sending you signals for its siesta session. However, it is highly recommended that you steer clear of empty afternoon calories and instead, reach out for healthy snacks like green coffee. The next food items that we will be discussing will not cause crash after eating.

If you are ready, let us take a look.

Green Tea

Dehydration could make you feel sloppy and sleepy. However, getting lots of fluids can boost your alertness. Water is simply your best option for hydration but if you need to take caffeine, then you better go for green tea rather than coffee. This contains less caffeine which is approximately 35mg compared to coffee that has 200mg. Additionally, it is loaded with good antioxidants.


Cocoa beans can naturally improve your alertness but not like how coffee can do it. Besides, chocolate has heart-healthy flavanoids. Keep in mind that darker chocolates contain more caffeine. Just do not use this as excuse to overindulging. Just remember, to take everything in moderation.

Whole Grains

Your body is converting carbohydrates into energy and whole grains are very useful in breaking it down slowly than simple, refined sugars like white rice or white bread which gives you steady release of energy.

Try washing it down on oats, rye, barley and brown rice. If you like to top your whole grain toast, try half banana and peanut butter.


Fruits do have sugars that can give you quick burst of energy but the good thing about it is that, it’s not boosting your level of glucose let us say, like what candies do. Thus, you will not crash and burn. Try eating fruits that are packed with vitamin C similar to pineapple and oranges which can help your body in converting fats to energy. With such, you can ward off fatigue and feel more energetic throughout the day.


Protein is offering slow release of energy and it can be acquired by consuming lean meats. Despite the fact that turkey has reputation to make you sleepy, it does contain tryptophan. Even a small amount of it can boost your body’s energy.

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