How has technology affected the arts?

Every year, technology is still enhancing. A growing number of devices are created to help individuals finish their daily tasks. As technology improves, different locations, like the arts have been affected. Technology has changed the arts considerably. It’s opened so many opportunities for musicians and has enlarged the number of … Continue reading


Here are the reasons why people like loud music: 1. Loud music alleviates stress Found from the ear would be the sacculus (conspicuous as sack-you-less) which provides direct connections to delight centers in the mind. It releases endorphins when aroused by loud songs, therefore listening to loud music is basically … Continue reading

Neoclassicism in Art and The Classical Era Composers

We call something classic when its old and good. There is a more specific meaning to classic, when this word started to appear as a French word during the 1600’s, classic didn’t just mean something vintage or classy. Classic was a used to described things related to the culture of … Continue reading