Do Creativity and Cannabis Go Hand in Hand?

Since we’re living in a problematic and toxic world where not all we want goes in our ways, each one of us has its own way of escaping from reality even just for a short period of time. Even if the one reading this a student, professional adult who works at the office, someone who works from home, popular actor, and many more, we all have struggles in life. Some people prefer to relieve their stress through sports, eating, watching etc. But some people who are suffering from severe fatigue take marijuana in order to relax themselves.

In the case of artist, they sometimes take cannabis, another form of marijuana, while they are doing their work because the truth is, cannabis helps in boosting their creativity. This is something majority of people do not know. All they know is that cannabis and drugs similar to it only help in relieving depression and anxiety. Little did they know, it helps user to become creative, as long as taken properly. 

Relationship Between Cannabis and Creativity

Cannabis is said to relax and soothe the frontal lobe that is responsible for our brain’s creativity -Dr. Weaver

A neurologist that specializes in deep brain stimulation, namely Dr. Alice Weaver, states that “cannabis has the capacity to stimulate the brains, an area that is highly active in artistic and creative people”. It means that everyone of us has our own creativity. We just need to be open to many things in order to boost the art inside us. Dr. Weaver also said that,  since cannabis is a stimulant, it helps in increasing the productivity and boosting our output of any kind. However, even if there are researches that shows the relationship between art and cannabis, it is important to take note the effectiveness still varies, it may be effective to one person, but may not be effective to the other person.

Other Surprising Benefits of Cannabis

Not only cannabis helps in boosting creativity, other benefits are: boosting immune system, treat insomnia, prevents dangerous diseases like heart diseases, stress reliever, sexual desire booster that may be helpful to couples who are struggling with their sexual lives.

Where can you buy Cannabis and other forms of herbal medicine that aids to give the discussed effects. There is a list of trusted kratom vendors available online. Another site that may be helpful in knowing more about marijuana: what is it, its benefits and uses can be found in Marijuana 101 site. You may want to visit it to educate yourself.