Smoking Can Help Damage Your Voice Permanently

Many studies have shown that smoking significantly increases the risk to develop a voice node which can permanently change the quality of your vocal cords. That’s why aspiring singers stay away from smoking or opt to vape oils instead.

How Smoking Can Affect Your Voice

Vocal Nodes are otherwise known as vocal cord lesions or vocal fold lesions. These are noncancerous growths or benign growth that may include polyps, cysts, and nodules. All these abnormal growths could cause hoarseness and are also commonly related to overuse or trauma of vocals.

After many years of singing, numerous vocalists, possibly even people who tend not to smoke cigarettes, are afflicted by small lesions or some kind of scar tissues within the vocal cords. This could be permanent. Vocal nodes can make speaking painful or even singing can be very painful. At worst, vocal nodes can be the cause for you to lose your voice for some time, thus being unable to speak or sing.

What Causes Vocal Nodes To Develop?

Too much singing that strains the voice, shouting and even too much talking can cause small vocal lesions. Large vocal lesions may call for minor surgery to have it removed. But it doesn’t stop there as vocal rehabilitative therapy is also important for the person to speak or sing again.

Smoking partnered with strenuous vocal activities increase the risk of developing vocal nodes. That’s the main reason why many professional singers are advised to lessen smoking. There are some people though who are strong smokers, however, do not show signs of damage or change in vocal quality. Ironically, there are some singers who intentionally smoke to achieve a raspy and husky voice.

Cigarettes are extremely addicting and its particular consequences on the voice quality are unpredictable for anyone beginning to smoke cigarettes. If you learn that cigarette smoking is altering the quality of your vocals particularly in singing. If this change is not particularly pleasant, know that you’d rather stop soon before it becomes worst. Also, once the habit of smoking had been introduced to your system, stopping is really challenging as noted by many smokers trying to kick off the habit.