An American rapper will make prank calls

An American rapper is likely to make prank calls “Crank Yankers”. He’ll be act as a puppet on the Comedy Central series.

Crank Yankers makes of those phone calls you want if you’re a child that you would made. Yankerville’s puppet citizens — voiced by comedians and celebrities — create calls that produce real calls to people, whether they like it or not.

The rapper — Slim Shady on album, Rabbit on movie — will voice an as-yet-unnamed puppet to its next period of “Crank Yankers,” the Comedy Central hit based on prank telephone calls.

Next time you are given the prankster in the opposite end of the line, a prank phone call may be the American rapper. The rapper was busy creating joke calls for the upcoming season of “Crank Yankers”, stated by the reports. He will be a guest on the Comedy Central show when its period begins.

The rapper, which has included prank calls (using prank calling app) in his own recording revealed that the show some love using a shout-out through an acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards of this summer. His manager approached Comedy Central with his petition a community spokesperson tells MTV. He follows a path blazed by fellow rappers, who seemed on the show’s premiere as puppets.

“Crank Yankers” marks on the rapper’s first acting role as his acclaimed turn in the funniest movie last year, which won him an Oscar for Best Song for “Lose Yourself.” He might not pick up any awards because of his puppet pranks, but an aide who’s found his Comedy Central work informs the New York Post, “It is funny”

“Crank Yankers” founders happily obliged and have taken a couple of calls comprising the rapper, whose used prank calls mix tapes before. Details when they are going to air and seeing the skits has been kept under wraps.