Beards as a Form of Art and Expression of Self

“My beard is a form of art. How I trim it, how I take care of it. I may feel like combing it down or combing it out like a ’fro,”  –Arrington Gavin

Forms of art come in various type. Creativity and art can be expressed in the form of painting, performance, song and music. In the present days, people become more open minded when it comes to expression. Among women, they consider hairs style, fashion, physical appearance as a form of art where they can show who and what kind of people they are. If you think men may find a hard time expressing their personality through physical appearance, you are wrong. There are many ways men can do this. One is facial appearance by deciding to grow or not to grow facial hair. It is believed that we can see a man’s personality by having mehr bartwuchs. Some may think that a man who has a beard is just lazy to clean his face. To some, yes it may be a reason. However, most of the time, this is not true. And the reasons why it is an expression of art and self will be discussed in the article. 

Arrington Gavin, a man who use to having beard shared his experience on how beard affected the way people see him. According to him, the first time he grew a beard, people thought of him as someone who is homeless because he is not clean shaven. He did not let other people’s judgment change the way he looks. He used beard in order to express himself as someone who is open-minded, loves to think outside the box and has assertiveness. Moreover, he thought of growing a beard as a form of art and freedom since it is not the usual standard set by the society when it comes to looking physically good.

However, struggles of having a beard were shared. Growing a beard is not all the time appropriate. Say, for example, you are applying for a job. Of course, before going to an interview, you must look formal and smart which means you must be clean shaven.

To sum up the article. Having a beard means a lot things. It can be an expression of art and an expression of one self. Men who grow such facial hair have different reasons that lead them to the kind of decision. However, appropriateness may also be considered when deciding to have one.