Best Acoustic Guitar Brands You Can Buy

Check out the top acoustic guitar brands according to the taste and preference of thousands of professional and amateur musicians. These are brands used by famous and non-famous professionals in shows, recordings, in the church and etc. So if you are thinking of buying a good guitar, it is worth taking a closer look at these 10 brands.

The order below is random (not from best to worst), as the taste for each type of sound and guitar varies from person to person, besides, each type of music calls for a type of sound and technique.

10 Best Acoustic Guitar Review

Tagima Guitars

Tagima is a national brand with very versatile guitars to suit different types of tastes. This brand is more used by people who are learning to play or look for a guitar with a good cost x benefit, as it has some guitars with a quality that pays off, however it does not surpass international brands. The finishes of the Tagima guitars are not those things in the cheaper models, but the cost is well worth it for the sound and for being very complete instruments.

Epiphone Guitar

It is also a very versatile guitar brand with several models and an interesting cost-benefit. With about R $ 800.00 you who are starting to learn guitar can start using a good electro-acoustic Epiphone guitar, but there are also other models that are more expensive and of higher quality.

Strinberg Guitar

With about 400 Reais you can already get a very complete strinberg guitar with tuner, electroacoustic, recoil and a very interesting sound for the cost. You will also find several models that are also more expensive from Strinberg, but you are just getting started can go well with a cheap Strinberg. The finish and details of the instrument are not the best, but also for the cost x benefit can be quite worth it. One last curiosity is that we see the group Roupas nova for example using and recommending Strinberg guitars.

Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha is a Japanese company that manufactures a lot of different types of products, including Musical Instruments and within that Yamaha Guitars. Yamaha guitars are also very versatile and complete, in addition to being used by beginners and professionals in their categories. For the quality of parts and finish Yamaha guitars are very worthwhile in their Cost x Benefit, but if you want to invest in sound, there are still better brands

Ibanez Guitar

Ibanez is one of the biggest brands of musical instruments in the world, and we see artists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Kiko Loureiro among many others using Ibanez instruments (mainly guitars). Ibanez guitars are already a little more expensive in their versatility of models, but for you who are looking for an instrument to use in the long term it pays off a lot

Fender Guitars

If you are looking for a top of the line guitar brand, Fender is one of those brands. Although the cost is not so low, as we are already talking about an investment of at least 1000 Reais, the sound benefits of these fender guitars are very good, and it is certainly a guitar that you can have and enjoy your sound for the rest of life. We see many famous professional musicians who also use fender guitars, but most of the time we are also talking about guitarists who occasionally play guitars.

Crafter Guitar

Crafter, which is a brand of musical instruments based in South Korea, is also a brand of Top guitars, s used by professionals like Alice Cooper for having excellent tones and models, however, you will also have to pay a reasonable amount to have access to one of these guitars. In the meantime, you can search for used models or entry models to get a good guitar.

Takamine Guitar

Takamine is a Japanese guitar brand with well-known models like gd11, gd15, and others. It is also one of the best guitar brands in the world, the dream of many guitarists, used by world-famous professionals like Jon Bon Jovi and others. If you intend to have a guitar Takamine will make a great choice for the quality and diversity of models for different musical genres, however, you will also have to invest a reasonable amount of money to buy a good model that can be used for the rest of your life.

Gibson Guitar

Currently one of the most coveted guitar brands in the world. Gibson is undoubtedly among the best and for many the best brand of guitars in the world. We see several famous professional artists using Gibson as BB King, Slash, among others and certainly having a Gibson instrument is the dream of most musicians. So if you can invest a reasonable amount in a good guitar model Gibson tends to never regret it.

Taylor Guitar

North American Musical Instrument Brand more precisely from California Taylor today is also one of the most sought after guitar brands, due to the full-bodied and long-lasting sound. I particularly love the timbre of Taylor guitars and would recommend them to anyone with their eyes closed, however, it is not an entry mark and you will have to shell out a very reasonable amount to have one of these guitars, but honestly, for the passionate tone, you will not regret it not even a little.