Forza Horizon 5: A Perfect Representation of Video Games as Works of Art

Many in the art world agree that video games are works of art created using different art expressions: illustrations, sculpturing, story-telling and music. It doesn’t matter that video games exist only in digital spaces unlike traditional art works that can be viewed as a real life object. Yet if there’s one fresh example of an artfully crafted video game that go beyond the limit of any type of artistic expression, it’s the Forza Horizon 5 open-world racing game by Playground.


The fifth of a series of open-world racing, created specifically for XBox Game Studios, the content published last November 09, 2021 did not disappoint Forza fans. It’s actually regarded as a masterpiece that took three years to fully develop as the next level version to the 2018 Forza Horizon 4.

This is not a review of Forza Horizon 5’s technical features when speeding off on the way to Mexico. Our goal here, is simply to provide an example of the artistry incorporated in a video game, being a critical element in making a gaming content truly immersive.

Why Forza Horizon 5 is Touted as the Best Looking Racing Game Ever

Forza Horizon 5 is hailed as the best looking game ever, and here’s why:

While a good open-world racing game has to have a large environment through which virtual racers drive across, it’s important that the visuals feel and look lively. Playground’s attention to details make the Forza Horizon 5 (FH5) graphics colorful and vibrant yet at the same time distinguished. Different visuals are sculpted in place, while there’s always a place for different flora and fauna. Varying elevations, rolling terrains, foliages and vegetations seamlessly put together make the FH5 world look real rather than simulated, casting away the simcade quality of earlier racing car games.

Playground maintained the FH4 style of using the best bits of digitally recoded real sky images, stitching them together to create majestic visuals of the sky as it evolves over time. This time though, FH5 players will encounter tropical storms and other weather events including a powerful dust storm. While this makes the environment intimidating, it gives the game depth and scale.
FH4 is by itself a great looking game, but FH5 is even better since Playground upgraded its lighting engine in ways that create different lighting effects. When making one’s way through heavy humid fog. sunlight can filter in. The bright beams of the headlights can pierce through the new smoke effects.

FH5 Visual Improvements Likely Raised Difficulty Level of the Game


Now here’s the thing, all these improvements in the Forza Horizon 5 environment denote that the difficulty level of the game’s open-world racing has been raised. It’s a far cry from the original Forza Motorsport developed by Turn 10, which had to keep a balance between easy and difficult. Back then, developers had to make sure everyone who takes control of the wheel will have a fun time playing the game.
Nevertheless, if you’re already immersed in the new FH5 racing game, it might interest you to know that there’s a Forza Horizon 5 trainer available at the modengine website. Players use the trainer when in driving mode to which the modification options available include Infinite Credits, Wheelspins, Perk Points, Mega Drift Points, Super Brakes, Super Jump Freeze AI.