Graffiti Art is Indeed Complicated

You probably have seen graffiti artworks in your street or at times, in major cities. While this may seem to be informal piece of art, it is truly a majestic and stunning sight to see. This makes people wonder how these artists were able to create such a remarkable artwork right in the middle of a busy street.


As a matter of fact, most of the graffiti artists begin their work with letters. You may need to search for the internet for the different kinds of fonts used in graffiti painting or simply fonts in general and you have to make it work for you. As soon as you start to realize which font is most suitable for you, that is where you can practice your works.

Remember this, only with enough practice you will be able to develop slight variations on your lettering. Don’t expect that you will become a master in one sitting.

Some graffiti artists even took months or years to perfect their craft. So don’t lose hope immediately. As time goes by, these variations you are practicing will morph to your unique and own graffiti style.

Put Your Heart and Soul

Make it a point to put your passion, commitment, heart and also, personality to it to make it truly yours. Make it so the person who is reading your graffiti will feel the same passion that you have invested in it. In the event that you are still not good enough with lettering, you may try it with cut-outs. All you have to do here is to get a decent printer and you can just print any word or letter you wish, cut it out and take advantage of your spray paint for the letters to come to life.

Once again, each and every letter is unique and special. There are things and rules as well to be taken into mind like when creating an A or M to an O or U. Combined with experience and style that you’re trying to make or perhaps recreate, this will be more complex and difficult.

Time to Spread the Word

Again, this will take time and practice but once you mastered it, you can actually make a name for yourself by working with outdoor write for us to spread the word about your work. Yes, you may have to invest but wait for the payback and how your work is received by the people.