How To Place Tiles On Tiles For Your Existing Art Workshop

Many artists would like to experiment on many things which include renovating their current art or music workshop. There are many reasons why an artist would like to make the necessary renovations. Perhaps the studio has become smaller for its purpose or the flooring has gone old and needs a little makeover. So when it comes to retiling your floor – here is what to do.

What to do when you want to replace your current tile flooring with a more modern design of tiles?

You don’t like to make dust and dirt by breaking up your current tiles? Then you can also simply place a new tile on your existing tiles, provided that you have enough space so that interior doors and others still function perfectly. With the right preparations, this is no problem.

Prepare substrate

  1. Check the existing floor for problems. If tiles or joints are torn, you must first remove them. Otherwise, the tiles that you place on top will quickly come off or be placed crooked. Beat the existing tiles gently. When this hole sounds, it indicates that the tiles are probably loose. When there are loose tiles, remove them best and close the void with mortar.
  2. You can only place tiles above tiles if you use thin tiles. Check how high these will be, this is important for the door heights. If necessary, you will have to adjust the doors.
  3. Clean up your existing floor well. Also, use a special cleaning agent to remove all old wax layers. There are also special products that ensure that the glue will adhere even better to the old tiles.
  4. When you have made the surface nice and flat and there are no loose tiles anymore, you can put a base layer on the existing tiles. Fill this layer nicely through this layer. Allow this layer to dry sufficiently before continuing with the following steps.
  5. Mark where you want to start tiling. Your space cannot run completely straight, which means that you will start to tilt quickly. That is why it is important to have this straight line as a landmark.

Place tiles on tiles

  1. Prepare the tile adhesive as stated on the instructions for use. Also, use the correct glue comb. Never suddenly put too much glue on the floor. Otherwise, it will dry too quickly and you will no longer be able to stick the tiles. Use special glue to place tiles over existing tiles
  2. Always place the tiles from the center of the room to the walls. So you can trim tiles next to the walls and the beautiful, full tiles are insight.
  3. Allow the glue to dry.
  4. When the glue has dried well, you can mix the grout as stated on the package. Ensure that the grout is applied evenly.
  5. Carefully wash the excess grout off the tiles with a sponge and pure water.
  6. It is important that you allow the grout to dry sufficiently before you clean the floor completely. If you do not allow the joints to dry out sufficiently, the joints may come loose and the tiles will crack quickly.

These steps should make it easier for you to renovate your tiles. Before you go on with this project, you will have to be properly geared up with the right tools. Check out the Tiling gear review to decide on the best gears for your tiling needs.