Netherlands: Experience A Night Club On Wheels

Taking a taxi in the Netherlands to enjoy the nightlife is usually an emotional killer. If you are lucky, the driver will accept a short trip, but if you listen to strange music, another taxi will ring suddenly. What is the difference with Taxi in Breda? | Bestel direct!

Most people mistakenly take a disco taxi. The Maroni space wagon does not show its essence from the outside but starts as soon as it arrived inside. From disco, TV screens, black lights and a great set of speakers to a plastic dog with a shiny necklace, when you go to a comfortable van, you can think of all the disco supplies. Then the voice of the happy driver Maroni made a sound through the microphone while enjoying the music.

Experiencing The Disco Taxi 

The disco taxi began in 1999, shortly thereafter the media called Maroni called the “singing taxi driver”. But reputation is relative. “I only give phone numbers to customers who have special relationships with me, or else they will make fun with me.” “At first they opened a party and found love when the generation was over and the generation started again.I have this customer.He has been driving for a long time. Lately my daughter asked me to take her to a party.Now, She always call me, rather than calling her father.”

If you take a disco taxi, you can see the city in different directions. Singing and Dancing in the dark streets and city lights adds a special emotional layer to the Netherlands experience. The experience is different for everyone, and Maroni has created an atmosphere in which the passengers can feel comfortable. “The elders were hesitant, but I opened the soft music, but eventually they asked me to raise the volume: drunk people sometimes went into my sound system Touch: I showed beautiful women on the TV screen” Short Interval “You can turn your mind, you will instantly become king, this is pure entertainment to observe people, you gain some kind of psychological knowledge”

A Taxi Driver Then A Wedding Singer

Disco taxis can be thought of as independent spaces of interaction surrounding music and emotions. Imagine the story of people all over the world across this street. According to Maroni, something can happen in this area. “I saw people fall in love in my car. I drove a customer and asked the girl to look out for a taxi and asked to leave. She came in I started singing and happened that night. Today they have 3 kids and they invited me to sing in their wedding.”