Singing Your Way to Music Stardom Via the YouTube Platform

Nowadays, many who aspire to make it big in the music industry, whether by singing, rapping or playing a musical instrument, resort to recording YouTube videos. After all, a lot of today’s singing sensations became social media stars before they were tapped and promoted by talent managers.

The way to fame as a singing idol has actually been reversed. Social media fans are now the firsts to show their support for a budding music icon. Once a musical talent garners a considerable number of followers, talent managers will come knocking at his or her door to help him or her, get the most lucrative music publishing contract.

The greater the number of followers subscribing to a YouTube sensation’s channel, the more the number of talent managers, record labels, and music publishers, competing to have a social media star sign their contract.

Ed Sheeran – A Good  Example of a YouTube Singing Sensation

Prior to getting his big break, Ed Sheeran for one, was relatively a nobody in England for a long time. This was despite the hundreds of shows and gigs he participated in to get his talent as a songwriter-singer be recognized.

It was only in 2009, when he started posting music videos of himself on YouTube that his singing career started taking shape. Netizens from across the globe were drawn to what they heard, so they started liking, following and sharing Sheeran’s YouTube videos.

Soon enough, the ginger-haired, crooner-songwriter from Halifax, London became a social media celebrity, and subsequently, one of today’s most popular musical artists.

The Road to Music Stardom via Youtube is Now More Competitive

Entering the music industry via the YouTube platform though, is not as easy as many are inclined to believe. Having an exceptional singing voice and a unique singing style are only parts of a bigger approach to getting your YouTube channel followed.

The social media platform is all about engaging the audience, which is one thing that aspiring musicians must also learn how to master.

One of the most recent social media celebrities turned US Billboard chart-topper, is young Canadian Shawn Mendes. He began his singing career by creating cover videos that warmed the hearts of a specific group of audience: teenage girls. Shawn also joined online competitions for best cover songs, to which his cover version of Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” is his most popular winning piece.

Keep in mind that your YouTube music videos are raw, unaldurated showcases of you and your talent. That is what will make you more believable as a genuine musical artist. All you need to do is make your videos more visible to those who can relate to the kind of music you deliver.

If you are at a loss on how you can grow your follower numbers, it would be to your advantage to invest in some professional help. Social media marketing agents for one, can help you figure out how to put your YouTube music videos in front of your targeted audience.