Stream Apple Music On Your Apple Watch 

Tune into Apple Music or listen to important Apple Podcasts or downloaded audiobooks from your Apple Watch Series 3. This can be done even though you are far from your iPhone. Refurbished iPhones will have no problem syncing with your watch just make sure that your refurbished phone is Apple certified. You can purchase these iPhone types from third-party sellers – Phones For Sale, check out the link.

How to Sync Music to Your Apple Watch

Sync Your Favorite Music From iPhone To Apple Watch

You are able to connect music or any type of audio through an iPhone to the Apple watch. Then you can certainly enjoy your music the Apple watch even if your iPhone is from a distance. You also don’t have to be connected to the internet to enjoy your music. You will need to have Bluetooth earphones or audio speakers so that you can enjoy the music you want from the Apple Watch. Pairing Bluetooth to your watch is so easy. Just follow the instructions as you pair it with your watch.

Listen to you kind of music with Apple Music

Should you be an Apple Music client, you are able to play virtually any song from the Apple Music list. Or work with Siri to enjoy any music from the Apple Music directory. If you are rather than an Apple Music client, you can still enjoy the songs you want from the music app by streaming the app and tap on the music you want. You can also listen to your favorite DJ through the radio app.

Connect your music to Apple Watch

Set the Apple Watch while on its charger. Make sure the watch is charging. Also, you will have to make sure your iPhone is close to the watch. Go to your iPhone, click on the setting and choose Bluetooth. Be sure that Bluetooth is set to on. Still, on the iPhone, tap on the Apple Watch app (this is assuming that you have already installed the application on your iPhone), then tap the tab for My Watch. Look for Music and then tap on it, and then tap Add Music. Look for the kind of music you want to connect then tap on the add button. It should be next to the song title that you choose. If you are not able to add certain playlists, you can download them to your iPhone first and then sync it to your watch.

Remove music from Apple Watch Through iPhone

Go to Apple Watch app on your iPhone then tap on the My Watch button. Go to the music you want to remove, tap on it then tap on edit. If you don’t see edit, the music has not been synced to your watch. At the playlist and albums, find delete, tap on it to remove the music.