Whys and Hows of Enjoyable Bathroom Singing

Singing while taking a shower in the bathroom, is something most people joke about as the only place and time where they do some serious vocalising.

Actually, bathroom singing is no laughing matter since some music and health experts have either explored or made studies of this common human behavior. Scientifically, music and psychology experts have established reasons why many are into the habit of singing while showering.

Music is a Great Stress Reliever, More So If One Does the Singing

Professor Graham Welch, who is currently an Honorary Professor of Music Education at Queensland University in Australia, and Chair of Music Education in the University of London, has authored several articles discussing the values and benefits of teaching and learning about music. In an article he wrote at Heartresearch.org.uk, Professor Welch, described singing as an aerobic activity that can increase the flow of oxygen in the blood stream

Dr. Bjorn Vickhoff, who is himself a singer-songwriter, while also engaged in professional research work about music, had led a team of researchers in conducting a study for the University of Gothenburg. As the research team found out that to some degree, singing also improves lung functions. Dr. Vick explained why:

“Singing a song pretty much gives a singer the same beneficial effects of yoga breathing exercises.” “Songs provide a form of regular and controlled breathing exercise, where breathing out has to occur on song phrases, while inhaling takes place in between.” “Since such exercises help a person relax, there are indications from our study that singing as an exercise, also benefits the heart.”

Technical Reasons Why Singing in the Bathroom Produces Pleasant Sounds

Why choose the bathroom as a venue for a singing exercise? People are naturally drawn to carry out their singing exercises in the bathroom because they think and feel they sound better. Mainly because in regular homes, the bathroom is the only confined space that has better acoustics.

First off, bathroom tiles unlike plain concrete walls, do not absorb sound; or allow sound to pass through like wooden panels do. The sounds you make when you’re singing tends to reverberate inside the small enclosure of a shower stall. As your voice bounces back and forth inside the confined space, it stays in the air long enough to even out as if being automatically tuned. That explains why bathroom singing often sounds better.

Actually, there are those who enjoy singing while taking a shower so much, they even bring their music players inside the bathroom. Playing a musical accompaniment to their bathroom repertoire makes the singing exercise more enjoyable, as opposed to singing acapella.

Now if you want to improve the audio quality of your musical accompaniment, you can simply add a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker. That way you will be able to hear the music clearly and above the sound of the running shower.