Children need music

The affinity and fascination that emanate from music and dance is ultimately independent of age, intelligence, culture and also of perceptual deficits and disabilities. Music is seen as a universal language. People let themselves be emotionally “captivated” by music and like to move rhythmically to it, even if it is … Continue reading

Maximizing Your Music Collection On Your Smartphone

  If you like using your digital audio collection on the go, then you might feel somewhat restricted by what your smartphone could perform as a sound playback device. With the appropriate tools and approaches, but you can optimize your smartphone audio collection so you can always revel at an … Continue reading

Relationship Of Music And Mental Health

Music is a basic attribute of the individual species. Virtually all cultures, from the primitive to the most innovative, create music. It has been true through background, and it is true during a person’s lifespan. In song or not we people moan and sing; at time or not, we clap … Continue reading