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Volume I & II Available in the UK/EU

Volume I & II is out now officially in the UK/EU! Get it HERE. Volume I & II (Dine Alone Records), is a sing-a-long collision of jangling harmonies, stomping percussion, horns and guitars.- Guestlist

NOISETRADE Free Download

Head over to NOISETRADE for some complimentary tracks from Volume I & II, plus a rare exclusive, up for a limited time only!

Volume I & II Out Now!

As some of you may or may not know, we moved to NYC just over 2 years ago with nothing more than a floor tom, an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. We did have one other thing up our sleeve we must admit – an absolutely insane dream to one Read more »

Interview with AU Review

Dan chatted with the The AU Review, about Volume I & II, living in Bushwick and much more – take a look HERE.

Listen to “Laredo” from Volume I & II

When we moved to Bushwick from New Zealand a few years back we nicked named the crew of musicians we started hanging with “The Woodsmen” as they all had the vibe of semi-homeless, out of work Lumberjacks. As we started to find our feet here and feel at home we Read more »