Composing Your Own Music at Home

The easiest way to learn how to create music is to remember small songs and then change and combine them in a very specific way. If you are looking for garden songs inspiration, check out hostandhomely.

How Did you Motivate You to Create Music?

Since starting the free composer process on YouTube in 2011, 25,000 people have helped understand the goals of composition.

If you explain any of them, read on.

  1. I want to make music that expresses myself and emotions in a way that others can understand.
  2. I mainly want to make music for myself, but I am very interested in movies, TV and video games.
  3. Write down what you like when you make a long song, sing a song, or listen to good music.
  4. I want to know how music works, but your music theory is a bit…we…

The goal may be a bit diverse, yet in the last. Express yourself through music and bring happiness and creativity to others. 

Composing Music in Just 5 mins. 

Do you really understand what you need to learn?

Learning configuration is a time-consuming process. There are many things you don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Then focus on one specific combination technique at a time. It may be smaller than a handwritten note or it may be larger than a symphony.

Writing skills must be a repeatable process.

Harmony, melody, form – this is not technology. They are categories. Combination techniques must be repeatable and have clear goals. Make a song now. Let us implement this basic writing skill together. This demonstrates how to use a general writing course. 

What does it mean when you say “composition”?

Clear definitions are always helpful when learning new topics. The settings is precise the same.

Music creation is the process of creating or shaping music by combining parts or elements of music.

Writing is not completely unique. Discovering novelty leads to a lot of incomprehensible music.