Put Some Art Into Your Home

Reveal your love for the arts with a home that speaks of diverse influences combining colors and textures can harmonize the members of the family dissimilar interests.

Here are simple ways have an artsy ambience into your home:

  1. Display your book collection in a corner of your home. Organizing your favorite books by color can be an enticing way to augment an artwork display. Try adding paintings and photos to the bookshelves as well. Hang them in front the shelf to make it more visually appealing. Some homeowners customize their bookshelf into a work of art. They invest in sculptural bookcases that are unique in shapes. This makes their bookshelf unique and exclusive.
  2. Balance long, boxy furniture with a richly colored painting. You can make use of vintage and modern designed chests and boxes.
  3. Hang your favorite artwork in your favorite part of the house at eye level. If you plan to hang it above a piece of furniture, hang it 5-7 inches above the piece.
  4. Round off the modern yet traditional look with a useful tabletop. Arranging your tabletop is a crucial part in decorating your home. Every arrangement says something about the people living in that home.
  5. Designate a nook for reading and lounging. Family members look forward to relax in a corner of their home wherein they can curl up and read their favorite book or magazine sipping their favorite beverage. Relax by reading your horoscope for the day. This will make life more exciting.
  6. Keep magazine in order making use of an artistic magazine rack. Make it within easy reach.
  7. Pick up vases in varying colors. It brings life to your table arrangements and to the plants or flowers you put. You can choose vases made out of glass, crystal, metal or wood.
  8. Select a table that you can transform from simple to stylish with different color.
  9. Make use of simple yet artistic pieces that are useful and easy on the eyes for storage. Alternative storage options provide appeal while keeping clutter in order.