A Look Into The Three Best Apps For Manga Lovers

Many manga fanatics watch out for new releases on websites like Mangakakalot. It has always been a pleasure to read even on the go. But now, you can take your Japanese comics in your pocket with these three best apps for manga lovers.

Manga is not only very popular in Japan, but it is practically everywhere, there is a large community around Japanese comics. We have tested three different manga apps for you, which should not be missing from the Android and iOS smartphones of die-hard fans.

Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

The anime and manga scene is large and international. The app Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus also makes this clear. Here you will find heaps of like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas about Japanese comics. The application is structured like a social network and offers corresponding functions. So you can send private messages, join public chats, add friends, exchange pictures, and meet new people. News about new Japan comics is also available, as well as quizzes and polls.

Especially in times of Corona, when events and conventions are neglected, the manga app Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus offers an excellent opportunity to get and stay in touch with other fans. The colorful social app is a bit confusing at first, but after a short time, animated GIFs and glittering pictures are part of the usual sight. It is a pity, however, that the app is mainly aimed at English-speaking users. There is no German version. If that doesn’t bother you, you’ll quickly find a connection in the otaku network.

ComicRack Free

ComicRack Free is a complement to the desktop application of the same name. It is primarily aimed at readers who prefer to read their manga on the go or on the couch rather than on the computer. As a pure reader, the app does not offer any comics or manga for sale. Everything you want to read, you have to import yourself. However, this works quickly and easily by saving all files in one folder and releasing the corresponding directory for the app. Alternatively, your library can be synchronized via USB.

In addition to the pure reading function, ComicRack Free offers the possibility to rate manga and comics and to leave a description of the content. In addition, the reading order can be adjusted to right-to-left to keep the real manga feel. However, there are problems with PDF documents, which unfortunately can only be imported and opened in a roundabout way. In addition, the user interface is only available in English. The free version of ComicRack is only available for Android devices, not for iOS. iPhone and iPad users must therefore purchase the standard app, which costs 8.99 euros.

Draw Anime & Manga

Many otakus not only enjoy reading Japanese comics but also try their hand at drawing their favorite characters. Draw Anime & Manga helps you to do this better. The app provides you with many different templates. Many of these are characters from popular manga and anime. In a step-by-step guide, you will get to know the typical drawing style and breathe new life into your favorite characters.

The app is in English, but due to the detailed illustrated instructions, the language hardly matters. Draw Anime & Manga steps are easy to follow and easy to implement. Due to the large selection of characters, there are not only easy motifs but also more difficult ones, so that even advanced drawers can enjoy the app. Unfortunately, Draw Anime & Manga is riddled with advertising that interferes with withdrawing. However, this can be avoided by switching off your WLAN when using the application. The app is not available for iPhone users, but we have an equivalent, free alternative for them in How To Draw Anime And Manga.

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Depending on the type of manga app you’re looking for, you might choose a different one from our selection. Draw Anime & Manga is the ideal tool for those who want to learn how to draw figures. With detailed, illustrated instructions, the app slowly guides you through the creation of your favorite characters. ComicRack Free, on the other hand, is best suited for reading comics and manga. Fans who value sharing with others above all else should check out the Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus social app. Here you upload pictures, chat with like-minded people and take surveys or quizzes to prove your knowledge of your favorite comics.