Appropriate Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Headphones/Earphones

Whether you are an earphone or headphone lover, it is that one portal that gives you instant access to the music you love and the tunes that keep you sane. Having said that, it is imperative to learn how to properly treat them with respect and of course, care. It is like taking your Cinderella Solution that keeps your body healthy and fit.

Besides, by being able to keep your apparatus in tip-top condition can prolong its life and maintain its quality as well. So to get this done, few tips are compiled on how you can achieve just that.

Proper Usage

If you think that your care starts when you’re not using your headphones, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, it never stops even when you are using them. Believe it or not, even doing basic precautions such as avoiding low or high temperatures, pulling on end plug than having to yank on cable to remove them could impact on the overall lifespan of the equipment.

Always keep in mind that such accessory isn’t as durable as what you think.

As per famous headset manufacturers, checking for damage and dirt on regular basis and doing quick cleaning on your headphones can extend its life. And depending on the model and make of the device, you might just replace some parts such as the ear tips or cushions.


It goes without the saying that cleaning products and water are not perfect combination with electronics. Thus, using warm water, soft cloth, perhaps a bit of soap would be enough in keeping your phones looking new.

On one hand, you have to do this with caution because too much soapy water entering the delicate parts of your electronic may be more than enough to fry the circuitry inside.

Storage of Your Unit

You must store your device in a dry and clean place. Preferably, use the case supplied or buy from a third-party if available. Once again, extreme temperatures should be avoided. You may also have to think of it before you leave your headphones or earphones freezing or sweltering inside your car. If ever it can be folded up, always follow the instructions to prevent tear and wear while they are not in use.