Bob Marley – His Legacy, His Music

Bob Marley has left us great music and cool Jamaican fashion statement. For all those who are not familiar with Bob Marley, he is a Jamaican singer and songwriter who has inspired and brought stress relief through his music. His music reached more than 20 million records internationally. He has introduced the reggae music. Born on February 6 1945 and died on May 11 1981.

It had been 2 decades since his death, but his music and legacy lived on. His music had always been patronized throughout the world, and had been used by many industries even at runway shows in the fashion industry. His cool Jamaican fashion statement is seen around the world, from his dread locks to cool Jamaican out fit. Use Farfetch coupon code to get the Jamaican outfit for bigger savings and discounts.

Bob Marley songs continue to rock our generation. Aspiring music artists and new song writers are taking inspiration from Bob Marley and gets to even copy his looks.

He is the king of reggae and I think no other musician can replace what he has left as a legacy to young generation today and coming young generation tomorrow.

Here are 10 Best Bob Marley Songs You Should Know

1. Redemption Song

2. No Woman, No Cry

3. Buffalos Soldier

4. One Love

5. Jammin

6. Is this love

7. Could you be loved

8. A lalala long

9. Don’t worry be Happy

10 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Great music and fashion – that’s Bob Marley. He has changed the way we look at music then and now. For 2 decades – His passion, his art, and his culture made a big influence to many of our youth.