Can Modern Music Actually Lie?

This seems an off question— can music have the ability to lie?

We are in the modern age. That means traditional music is no longer present. Old cassette turned to iPods. Old radios to MP3 song players. CDs and albums to a mobile mp3 file. And sometimes people tend to wonder, is the new modern music a lie?

Well.. it is not a truth lie test sort of argument— but the world of music have extensively changed as generations passed by but that does not mean that the essence of music, since before the time, has been long disregarded.

Music is Still Alive and Kicking. That is a fact.

What’s Wrong With New Age Music

The real question is, is there really wrong with new age music.

Today’s music is not something like the classic, is not historical and nor one of the books. But it is the creativity and talent of the new generation— it is the new expression.

For example, there are a lot of new age selections which develop and change over the course of the piece, so you’re not just hearing the verse, chorus, verse, chorus all the way through. If you have listened to music thirty years back, and have a huge selection of wonderful music and might as well still relate with the modern music of today.

Well, the problem with some people today is that they immediately jump to wrong impressions. Well, those takes are for the ones who hate new age music, they will most probably have the wrong inclination to explore new generation music and how it sounded like it is actually a lie— but it’s not.

Music is Personal

Music is a personal expression. It is your personal touch and taste depending on your interests. If the new music does not seem to blend with your music choice then that’s your personal perspective. Same goes with the way you appreciate old folks’ music.

Music is a Choice

A 21-year-old can choose to love the 80’s classical music. While a 64-year-old has the choice to love new generation pop music than the usual music he’s been in for the past 60 years. Music is a choice more than ever, and people, age and generation does not require you to choose music accordingly just because it is the age and generation bracket you’re in.

Music is your choice and your personality— that’s a fact and not a lie.