Classical Music Helps Dogs Relax

Studies show that classical music provides a calming impact on dogs. In the study, the dogs were allowed to listen to classical music while they were being treated in rehoming centers. The chosen classical music played for the dogs has significantly livened them up thus decreasing their stress levels.

Classical Music To Help Dogs Relax

Although the impact had lasted only for a short time, it is still an indication that dogs react to music in a very similar way that humans react.

The study suggests that classical music can help dogs calm down when they’re in a stressful situation. Now, more studies are being conducted to see if dogs are going to respond the same way to classical when introduced to other music genres.

Experts in food nutrition, Royal Canin, pointed out the telling signs of stress among dogs. They also offered ways how to help dogs overcome their stress and anxiety.

Signs of stress in dogs

Now that you know the causes that can make your dog feel anxious and restless, what are the signs? While there are a number of typical (and not-so-typical) symptoms of stress in dogs, the most common signs are listed below. When your dog is anxious, it will usually exhibit one or more of these symptoms to varying degrees.

  • excessive barking as well as howling, whimpering, and whining, is a big sign
  • pacing around, running around not able to sit still or relax
  • ears appear laid back, meaning they lie flat or are pulled back
  • tail between legs
  • panting due to stress or referred to as “behavioral panting”
  • shaking and trembling and it’s usually paired with other characters
  • destructive behavior like chewing on things
  • lack of appetite
  • upset stomach
  • hair loss and other problems with a dog’s skin and coat

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How to help a stressed dog

There are a few ways to help a dog in distress. We have listed what you can do at home.

  • Regular Exercise – Taking a walk or playing a game is a great way to provide stress relief for your dog.
  • Exercising before a stressful event can also be a good way to make them more relaxed and less hyperactive.
  • Make them feel safe – Whatever the cause of the stress, create an area where they feel relaxed, such as their sleeping area. If possible, you can also try to stay with them during busy times (e.g. when there is a loud fireworks display).
  • Diet – What you eat may not be related, but it can actually have an effect. If your dog isn’t getting enough of something or is lacking in vital nutrients, it can affect their overall mood and well-being.
  • Pet Stress Supplements – Give your dog a natural supplement designed to help with stress relief and help them feel calm and content. These usually contain soothing ingredients like chamomile and B vitamins.
  • Distraction – A nervous dog is easily calmed by distraction. This can include playing soothing music to block out any noise and leaving them with fun toys that can engage their brain and make them think of something else.

In conclusion, while there are other ways to reduce a dog’s stress level, classical music is a fast way to calm your dog even if it only lasts for a short period. And while playing classical music helps, it’s still best to look further into the root cause of your dogs’ anxiety issues and resolve it the best way you could.