Different Types and Designs of Shower Faucets and Heads

Shower faucets and showerheads act to spray the water out of the shower system to allow the water to touch your body. However, the way of spraying the water varies on the different types and designs of the shower faucets and heads.

There are two ways on how to determine the types of shower faucets. The first one is based on its mounting location and the second one depends on the controlling of the water pressure that will come out.

Types and Designs of Shower Faucets Based on Mounting Location

In terms of mounting location, there are three types of shower faucets. These types are the following:

Fixed Type

This type is the most conventional of all showerheads and faucets. The fixed type is usually mounted on the wall in which it entails a head that is adjustable. The Victorian design, extending arm, multiple jets, and extending arm design are the different styles of the fixed type shower faucets.


Another shower head that is wall mounted is the handset shower faucet. However, the difference is that this type has a flexible hose for the purpose of better spraying directly on the body parts that you want. In addition to that, this is a good tool to have an enjoyable bathroom singing.

Ceiling Mounted

Unlike the first two types of shower faucets, this one is mounted on the ceiling of the shower. Aside from that, this type is also called the raindrop showerheads. Because of this position, it only requires less water pressure.

Types and Designs of Shower Faucets Based on Control of the Water Pressure

Aside from the above types of shower faucets and heads, here are the other types that are dependent on controlling the water pressure.

Single Setting

This is the simplest type of shower faucets as the setting is unchangeable because of the presence of only one setting option. It gives off steady water flow from the showerhead.


The spray setting is available for changing because this type has numbers of spray options. The various spray settings under the multi-setting shower faucets include the massage spray, water-saving spray, misting spray, and the full-body spray. Aside from that, the sizes of the spray droplets that come out from the shower faucets are also controllable under this type.