Discovering The Native American Music

Every region is rich in its own culture. The tradition and culture are what makes the country alive. One of the most preserved parts of art is music, which is passed through generations. Norfolk Island holidays offers traditional folk music that originated from the first inhabitants of the island. The Polynesian music soon had been influenced and developed by the Western music rooting from the lands of America.

Music of the Americas

American music is generally referred to as the music of the Americas or music of the United States. Like other countries, Native American Music is still alive and is referred to as the music of the Western Hemisphere. America has a lot of different native communities which puts them in a variety of their own traditions to offer. Each has a history of how it is made. Despite of being diverse, they are united in putting music as the center of their self-expression

The Native American Music

In the early times, the natives had the origin of their music from the Creator and other spiritual beings. These repertories were turned into praises in the form of songs. Aside from the songs, they were also given the ideas for musical instruments, dances, and ceremonies. Music made its way to the first people through different forms. Shamans dream of spirits teaching them songs and dances, while Indian communities adopt musical practices from outsiders and learn repertories from neighbors. This shows that their belief is not only limited to the community itself but extends from other people and places.

It’s also interesting how American music is given much value. The music has some kind of ownership and performance rights. In North America, performing ancestral songs is considered an inherited privilege. In Mexico, they believe that some songs are from the shaman who received them in a dream, but will eventually become the community after his death. It is also said that if a music or ensemble that belongs to a community cannot be performed by an outsider without asking for proper permission.

From time to time, there is some addition to their music, as new ideas start to form. They continue to develop and improve in the course of time. But still, the standard customs are not forgotten. They still remain as part of the history, because without them, what we have now wouldn’t be possible.

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