Feature Films and Documentaries Depicting The Once Comfort Women Today

1931 to 1945, involving about 200,000 young women (and sadly even young girls in their teens or even younger), they were called the comfort women. They were pushed to give sexual services to Japanese military men during WWII, where these young women were methodically raped and also mistreated by the Japanese military men.

Comfort women originated from several nations all through East Asia, a large proportion were Comfort Women In Korea. Young women who lived through spent their lives in silence, enduring the emotional and physical marks of the abusive and sexual slavery. In the 90s, the survivors shared their testimonies and wanted justice.

Feature films and documentaries about comfort women in Korea

“Comfort Women: One Last Cry” (2013)

This particular documentary features the problem of Comfort Women being a serious threat to human rights that impacted and remains to make an impact on women throughout Asian countries and European countries too.
The particular film commences in South Korea and then progresses to meet similar affected individuals in Australia, China, Philippines, Wuhan, and Shanghai. It had been broadcasted on 1st of March 1st in 2013 on Korea’s solely worldwide network, Arirang TV.

Within Every Woman (2012)

This is a documentary picture describing war violations against women done by the Japanese Imperial Military in the course of WWII. It files the biggest “rape system” in global record. The picture additionally explores the actual complicated therapeutic recovery of the ladies, living their day-to-day lives without having acceptance of or settlement for the criminal offenses that was done towards them.

Habitual Sadness: Korean Comfort Women Today (1999)

This documentary film shows the lives of 8 previous comfort women residing just outside the perimeters of Seoul. It displays the impact that the crime of war had brought unto them, making an effort to repair feeling of self-esteem.

The Murmuring (1995)

This documentary from South Korea shows the story plot of the attempts of a number of senior women to convince the Korean and Japanese governing bodies to provide them with a proper, public apology for the matter that pushed them for being prostitutes during WWII. The majority of were within their teenage years when they have been both kidnapped or fooled into getting into the sexual service.

April 2016 – Korean Legal Studies organized a conversation with a couple of the survivors. Their tales encouraged all of us to ascertain an extensive online reference cataloging the actual variety documents related to this crucial problem. The purpose is to put together by far the most extensive data source of information designed for both students and scholars curious to learn this period in our history.

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