How To Get All 13 Music Discs in Minecraft

Minecraft has 13 music discs. The latest in Minecraft Parkour Servers ( may have a different number of music discs but it’s also worth checking. Collecting all 13 discs can be a challenge but it’s possible.

The 13 discs are as follows:

  • Cat
  • Blocks
  • Chirp
  • Far
  • Mall
  • Mellohi
  • Stal
  • Strad
  • Ward
  • 11
  • Wait
  • Pigstep

How To Get All 13 Music Discs in Minecraft

The simplest method to get all of the 13 music discs in the Minecraft game is to have the creeper killed by the skeleton. Once the skeleton successfully takes out the creeper, for some reason, you will get a reward in the form of a music disc (a random music disc reward). You can partner a creeper and a skeleton, find a way to bring the creeper to the skeleton’s sight while taking care not to blow up the creeper. Doing this could be exhausting but it’s a good way to collect all 13 music discs.

  • You will want to create boats. With the java version, it will require you to make two boats. When you are done with this, seize the Creeper as well as the Skeleton and place them in separate boats. Stand behind the creeper, keep a distance so that the creeper doesn’t explode, and allow the skeleton to make the kill (to kill the creeper).
  • With Bedrock Edition, build a boat and place both the creeper and the skeleton in it. Then stand behind the creeper while allowing some distance, the skeleton will take out the creeper for you.

This is the simplest method to get all 12 music discs. This method will NOT allow you to collect all. You will not be able to get pigstep, the last music disc. For you to get this, you will have to find Bastion Remnant. In the ruins that look like a castle, you will find littered chests with many loots. You can be lucky to find the pigstep music disc for you to complete all 13 Minecraft music discs.

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