Improving Sexual Intimacy With LOVE And Music

Aphrodisiacs increase or intensify a person’s sexual pleasure, sexual desire, or sexual behavior. Frequently, these are substances that vary from a diversity of spices, plants, foods, as well as artificial chemicals. Hence, they could be grouped by their chemical properties. Take LOVE as an example.

Spanish Fly LOVE is a safe, legal and FDA approved substance, an aphrodisiac, utilized to heighten the user’s sexual arousal or excitement. It aids in keeping a woman’s fanny moist which boosts her libido. On the other hand, a man’s erection will definitely last longer with improved and much better sensations.

Usage would vary for every type of Spanish Fly brand that a user would make use of. For most, only a few drops of the substance into a liquid refreshment is needed, drink it and wait for a few minutes to take effect. It’s as simple as that.

Music Makes You Feel More Loved And Improves Sex Life

As you wait for LOVE to take effect, set the mood with some feel-good music. In fact, although it isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac, music could improve a couple’s sex life according to a research carried out by Sonos and Daniel J. Levitin, a neuroscientist.

According to the survey that involved 30,000 participants, it appears that listening to music at home could make you enjoy home cooking more, devote more time with the family, as well as feel more loved.

One immense and notable finding was that 67% of the participants said they have and enjoyed more sexual intimacy with their partner while listening to music at home. As a matter of fact, participants who listened to music at home revealed that they spend an added 3 hours and 13 minutes every week together.

According to Levitin, a home may be shared by people but aren’t actually sharing much else. Music have the capacity to bring everyone sharing the home together. The study then makes a significant move to show how audibly listening to music could improve and enrich relationships in the home. For couples or partners, increased sexual intimacy is a major plus. Levitin says that when music is listened to out load together by people, neurons synchronously ignite with each other discharging oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’.