Lil Durk Net Worth: Earning Money with Music

Do you dream of earning your money with music? Depending on what skills you have and what you enjoy, you have different options.

The big celebrities make up only a small fraction of all musicians. But the others are by no means all unemployed artists but earn their living with their passion. If you are motivated and stick with it, you can do it too.

Lil Durk net worth: Business ideas for musicians

As a musician, you don’t need to limit yourself to one branch of activity. It is even an advantage to be broadly based! This is how singer Lil Durk did it. As a rapper and singer-songwriter, lil durk net worth as of July 2021 is $3 million.

If you combine several lines of business, you remain financially independent and flexible. That ultimately also helps you to stay creative.

Lil Durk net worth: Performances and private concerts

Lil Durk net worth

If you have a band or play an instrument, performing is the most important part of your job. To start with, you can first go through your contacts. Maybe you know someone who works in a café or bar that also plays live music. Ask if you can perform there. In this way you get to know new people again and possibly a larger organizer will approach you.

You can also give private concerts, which are often well paid for. Birthday parties, weddings or funerals are ideal occasions. The guests may then book you for their own celebrations and recommend you to others. In this way, you will gradually become better known and land new jobs. So every concert is also an advertising opportunity that you can expand.

Lil Durk net worth: Publish music without a record deal

Today you don’t have to have a record deal to release your own music. In times of social media and streaming portals, you can take it into your own hands! Of course, you have to make advance payments for the production of your songs or your album. If you don’t have a home studio with your own equipment, rental costs will come up to you. In addition, you have to take care of the production of the sound carriers, the distribution and the promotion yourself. To do this, you need money that you can raise, for example, through a crowdfunding campaign, concerts or part-time jobs.