Overview Of Music Styles And Music Types

Music Types Overview Music Styles. What types of music are there? How can you recognize the types of music? Where does each type of music originate? Who are the most famous and best singers and musicians who make the music in question?

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What types of music are there?

On this page, you can find an overview of a large number of different types of music. There is also an interactive map where you can see where the different music styles come from. Links refer to extensive information on the different types of music.

The origins of almost all pop music can be found in the blues music that originated in the delta of the Mississippi River in the United States sometime around 1900. The real origin of the blues lies in the African music that the slaves took with them on their forced journey to America. In the blues lies the heart and soul and the love and suffering of black Americans.

Chicken Scratch – Waila Music
Chicken scratch is a type of dance music of the Tohono O’odham people of the indigenous people of the present-day United States. The chicken scratch (also called waila music) developed in response to the fiddle music that the immigrants from Europe brought to the United States. The Chicken Scratch comes from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, United States.

Country music
One of the most distinctive types of music from the United States is undoubtedly country music. Originating from the European music brought by immigrants, country music developed into the broad music genre it is today.

Flamenco is a dance and type of music that originated in the south of Spain, especially in Andalusia. It is a passionate form of music in which a strong rhythm and passion are central. Sung flamenco music is characterized by a raw and penetrating way of singing. In addition, the guitar, the castanet, and the rhythm of the dancers are central.

The funk music is characterized by a strong bass line, often achieved with a plucking technique, supplemented with tight drums and percussion. Funk music originated in North America in the late 1960s. Nowadays funk samples are often used in hip hop.

Jazz is one of the older movements in popular music. About 100 years ago, this style of music gradually emerged from the American blues in the city of New Orleans. It is striking that virtuosity and improvisation always play an important role in jazz. While vocal jazz certainly plays an important role, jazz music is often only instrumental.

The Joik is the traditional song form that the Sami (Lappen) originally sung in northern Scandinavia and the extreme northwest of Russia. Scientific research shows that this is the oldest living traditional form of music in Europe. Originally Joiken is a spiritual way of singing, the purpose of which is to depict and characterize a person, animal, or landscape. In its original form, the Joik transcends the song.

katajjaq is the special way in which Inuit sing to the accompaniment of a simple drum. It is a form of throat singing. Katajjaq originates from the Inuit habitat in Greenland and Canada.

Classical music
Classical music also called serious music, is a very broad musical genre. The origin of this music movement lies in Medieval Europe and a kind of rule was first established. After that, classical music developed very widely.

Eel sound – Eel doll
The eel sound or eel pop is used to indicate the pop music that originates from Volendam in North Holland. It is not a really recognizable type of music as it often transcends genres. Well-known Palingsound groups and artists are BZN, The Cats, Jan Smit, Nick & Simon, and Piet Veerman

Raï is a sung form of music that comes from the North African country of Algeria. This form of music originated around 1920. Some of the Raï singers are not allowed or allowed to perform in their own country. That is why many of them live abroad. Cheb Khaled is a Raï singer who has mixed his music with pop music and has scored hits in Europe (even in the Netherlands).

The music with which the island of Jamaica is connected is without a doubt reggae. World-famous artists such as Bob Marley have made the music known all over the world and the best reggae albums are now among the classics in pop music. Originated from ska and rocksteady, reggae began to conquer the world in the 1970s.

The origins of rock music lie in the United States, wherein the 1950s country and rhythm & blues developed two genres of music that later called rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly.

Soul music originated in the south of the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a kind of mixture between rhythm and blues and gospel. Vocals are central to most soul songs, usually supported by backing vocals, tight bass and drumline, and a horn section.

The tango is a dance and type of music that originated in the area around the Río de la Plata in Argentina. The tango is almost always performed in two or four-time beats at a tempo of about 120 to 130 beats per minute. The bandoneon is the most important instrument in tango music.