The League of Legends World Championship: Burn It All Down by PVRIS

It is the most important event in the eSports sector: the League of Legends World Championship, a total of 22 teams from all over the world will be fighting for the League of Legends crown in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In line with this, Riot Games Music has released “Burn It All Down” as the official music for the 2021 World Championship.

Riot Games Music Team Made It Again

The developer of the game, Riot Games, has now presented the music video for the tournament and thus initiated the hot phase in advance. Featuring American band Pvris’ tournament anthem “Burn It All Down,” the 3.5-minute anime-style video is a fun way to see what’s in store for League of Legends fans.

Pvris, a band consisting of three members – Sophie Nuttall, Lauren Mayberry, and Jasmine Thompson – is known for their first hit single “Heaven.” With a sound like a mix of alternative and rock, the band is gaining more popularity in the U.S. after releasing their debut album including singles like “Heavy,” “Nothing to Say” and “Leave Me Alone.”

In the midst of their rise, the band caught controversy with their cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” On the cover, Thompson portrayed a woman wearing dark lipstick and pigtails in a red dress singing about her loneliness. However, many people took offense to Thompson’s portrayal as she was seen as “sexualizing” an iconic character .”Cinema at its best is an art form and as such, it can be personal and can evoke emotions in the beholder,” Thompson told CNN. “That said, I’m sorry to anyone who feels I did something to sexualize Leia.”

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Burn It All Down Video is Equally Impressive

For the video, some of the most famous “real” LoL players were turned into anime counterparts, according to journalist Ashley Kang on Twitter.

The accompanying video for the song “Burn it All Down” is equally impressive and tells a story of a lonely boy who is looking for his love in the wrong places. The video features some amazing animation work from Chinese studio Hao, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch. Overall, “Burn it All Down” is a great debut that brings the listener right into the world of the artist. It’s challenging and inspiring—just like a good roller coaster ride.Listen to “Burn It All Down” on iTunes or Spotify.

Meanwhile, Riot Games has teamed up with Spotify to launch its own microsite for the tournament, which will provide details and videos about the band Pvris and the composers of the song, among other things. Spotify itself offers its subscribers, among other things, their own League of Legends playlist and the opportunity to create their own playlists for the upcoming World Cup.

League of Legends

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