Why Grammar is Still a Must When Writing Songs


Unless you’ve got a fantastic reason to stray from the common principles of grammar, then you probably should not. There are a number of tunes I can think about using grammar so bad that it makes the lyrics difficult to hear when sung. In the event that you had written that sentence at a high school newspaper, your English teacher could nevertheless be slapping one for this afternoon and rightfully so.

Being Reasonable with Grammar

But better grammar could have been a great touch , as there’s no cause for the bad grammar aside from not knowing any better. As a singer, you are basically a character on your story. Various characters talk in various ways. By way of instance, at Amy Winehouse’s tune,”Rehab,” she sings the line”I ai not got the time and when my dad thinks I am fine.”

An Example from Amy Winehouse’s Song

Evidently, using the phrase”ai not” is not regarded as proper, but in the context of the song, it is fine. It matches the Amy Winehouse”personality” in this tune. She is gritty and rough round the edges so of course she would use the phrase”ai not” when she does not wish to do anything. It is reasonable. That is not to mention that Winehouse does not have her share of grammatical problems throughout other areas in her tunes, in precisely the exact same manner we saw from the Extreme instance. Nonetheless, in the cases we spoke about here, it does not bother me, as it is just how her personality would talk.

It is okay. The majority of the instances lyrics are intended to sound conversational, as people”imitation” phrases do. In a great deal of instances it would really sound more difficult to listen to”I am going to” it would to hear”I am gonna” since that morphed term has become such common location. Singing is an exaggerated form of language, so ideally you would need to sing your thoughts in precisely the exact same manner that you would state your thoughts.

Additionally, understanding the difference between”your,””you are,””there,””they are,””their,” etc., could be wise also, but because we just listen to tunes that this one won’t even appear for you when composing lyrics, unless a person’s looking at your composed words out. In that instance it would be helpful to understand when to use all them, which means you look as if you understand exactly what you are referring to.

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